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maanantai 23. huhtikuuta 2012

The electronic funk sounds get unleashed for the second time at Modern Funkatron this Saturday at mbar!

Get ready for the robot moves and to make circles with your dancing shoes for this is the second Modern Funkatron by Gimme The Dance at mbar with DJs Apostoli & Jacedonia. These old-fashioned brothers will be waiting for you with 200 kgs of analog synthetizer funk and electronic boogie on wax - equivalent energy for a rocket launch to outer orbit. For the fans of the modern funk sounds of Devonwho, ARP101, Dam Funk, Darkhouse Fam, B Bravo, Dorian Concept, etc. this is your chance to get down in Helsinki.

28.4. la/sat 22-04
Modern Funkatron
by Gimme the Dance
djs Apostoli & Jacedonia

Free entry!


keskiviikko 4. huhtikuuta 2012

Come and get yours - GTD DJ's at Ruma:Bar!

You know, these days it's all about the the soul, the boogie-funk, the modern funk, the disco, the house, the beats, the bass, the synths, the samples, the claps, the pastel shades, the cosmic vibes, the twele inches, the ten inches and the seven inches.

Come and get yours!

*** Gimme The Dance @ Ruma:Bar SAT 14.4.2012 ***
*** With your humble DJs: Apostoli & Jacedonia ***


tiistai 13. maaliskuuta 2012

GTD presents Modern Funkatron with BMB aka WayneTweed (RU) LIVE @ mbar 24.3. DON'T MISS!

On Saturday the 24th of March, Modern Funkatron by Gimme The Dance brings Beat-Maker-Beat LIVE from St. Petersburg to truly kick off modern funk at mbar.

With the help of music related social media, modern funk has rapidly become a global movement. While the scene is still taking its baby steps, producers capable of causing major head-nodding pop up from all corners of the world. From the heritage of hiphop, this new breed of producers mold together pieces of 80's boogie, electrofunk and P-funk with electronic hiphop aesthetics, occasionally even crossing the borderlines of dubstep and house. With modern funk's 'post-Dilla'-era producers, the spotlight on the scene is, now more than ever, on the musicians - the Beat-Makers.

Beat-Maker-Beat aka WayneTweed alias Space Kid - the man has many disguises, each with different vibe but all sharing one thing in common - they mean beats with fresh analog sounds and cosmic otherworldly quality. One of the key figures of the modern funk sound, the young producer BMB beats his Akai MPC in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he’s no newcomer to the local hiphop scene. Living the true hiphop lifestyle, he started breaking at the early age of 10 and soon after, regardless of his young age, was already spinning records at local clubs and gained awards both in MC and DJ battles in Russia. Nowadays, however, he is world known for his superior beat-making skills and has been heard on the track of numerous russian, european and african artists as well as legendary US MCs such as Planet Asia and Rasco. Moreover, he has created several instrumental albums that truly stand on their own, thus following Dam Funk's ideology - "I don't just do beats... I make music". At mbar, you'll witness the funkiness of BMB's modern funk at its best - performed LIVE!

BMB WayneTweed - Lead-Bleep by BMB*

WayneTweed - Cuba by BMB*

Check out more stuff at:

Gimme The Dance DJ's

BMB will be supported by the local Gimme The Dance DJ's Jacedonia & Apostoli with the Linkkifreshest modern funk, boogie and analog hiphop beats from wax. Checkout our latest "MF MF" modern funk mix here:

Apostoli & Jacedonia - MF MF (Gimme The Dance Mix Vol. 20) by Gimme The Dance

More mixes and good stuff at:

24.3. la/sat 22-04 @ mbar
Modern Funkatron
by Gimme the Dance
LIVE: BMB aka WayneTweed (RU)
djs Jacedonia & Apostoli

FB-event, Mannerheimintie 22-24, Helsinki

perjantai 9. maaliskuuta 2012

A teen no longer: GTD reached the milestone of 20 mixes!

We've been asked for quite some time already about new mixes coming up in the blog. We're very sorry for having to keep you waiting. Ever since the previous modern funk mix was recorded we've been aching to do a new one, but for us, teaming up for a back-to-back mix doesn't come easy as both of us live in different cities. Furthermore, when we manage to be in the same place we don't have that much time for a mix since there are tons of other stuff going on as well.

Like our previous modern funk mixes, this one starts with some mellow and smooth sounds from Dynooo, Union, Ta-Ku and Kixnare heading towards analog atmospheres of ARP▲101, Ad Bourke and B Bravo. Then the mix takes a slight turn to a more ruff and sinister soundscape delivered by Free The Robots, Harmonic 313 and the classic Game Over by Dabrye, Phat Kat and Dilla. By the time "Tried For Your Love" kicks in you should most definitely feel the funk.

So, it has taken some time but now we're happy to tell you that we have put on quite of an effort in delivering you some of that analog goodness. We believe your wait has been worth it and that this mix serves as the perfect 20th mix in the GTD mix series.

Apostoli & Jacedonia - MF MF (Gimme The Dance Mix Vol. 20)

So get your head nod on from our Soundcloud page and enjoy!

sunnuntai 12. helmikuuta 2012

Gimme The Dance 3 years - A new Wax Of The Week series on our Facebook page

To celebrate our third year, we decided to start a new series called Wax Of The Week where we'll share info on some of our favourite jams. Classics, recent favourites, rarities, forgotten gems - tracks that have a special meaning to us. You can find the tracks, images and links to Youtube at our Facebook-page at

Be sure to hit the "Like button".

keskiviikko 8. helmikuuta 2012

Lots of Gimme The Dance action coming up this weekend!

Lots of Gimme The Dance action coming up this weekend!

On Friday, club "81-83" at Bassment in Helsinki brings hot boogie action from UK prime boogie-veteran, DJ Red Greg. Also Jacedonia will be spinning couple of funky jams together with local cats Aromi, Mr. Ekho and Tane Lee.
More info at

On Saturday, DJ Apostoli hosts "Gimme The Dance" at Ruma in Jyväskylä with fresh modern funk, boogie and disco. Also Sir Kojo from Club Moustache will be behind the decks. Check it out!
More info at

Also on Saturday, Jacedonia will be warming up the house for Saturday night at mbar in Helsinki. Electronic beats and deep house from 19 to 22pm.
More info at

keskiviikko 2. marraskuuta 2011

GTD DJs at Bra:Base this Friday!

Dance your November blues away to our freshest Modern Funk, Boogie, Disco and House. We got the music for your mind, body and soul.

Gimme The Dance DJs Apostoli & Jacedonia
Saturday 5.11.2011 @ Bra/Base, Jyväskylä
House - Disco - Boogie - HipHop

torstai 27. lokakuuta 2011

GIVE IT BACK again: Apostoli - The Lover In Pastel Shades

Now that we've started to bring back some old mixes again, lets continue. This mix has already been in this blog once, but hasn't been available for a while. This one was originally recorded in the spring of 2008 inspired by a half year break from DJing and stack of fresh records from the record stores and fleamarkets of Toronto. Enjoy!

Apostoli - The Lover In Pastel Shades by Apostoli

01. Patrice Rushen - Feel So Real [Elektra] 1984
02. Nicci Gable - Close To Who? [High Fashion Music] 1986
03. Rocky Winters - Vicious Circle [Precision Records & Tapes] 1986
04. Carol Williams - You've Reached The Bottom Line [Vanguard] 1983
05. Aleem ft. Leroy Burgess - Fine Young Tender [Atlantic] 1986
06. Atlantic Starr - When Love Calls [A&M] 1980
07. Melba Moore - Love Me Right [Capitol] 1983
08. Kashif - I Just Gotta Have You (Lover Turn Me On) [Arista] 1983
09. Starpoint - Satisfy Me Lover [Elektra] 1987
10. The Fatback Band - You've Got That Magic [Cotillion Records] 1984
11. Conquest - Body Movement [Prelude] 1982
12. Kwick - You're The Kind Of Girl [EMI] 1981
13. Tommorw's Edition - In The Grooves (instrumental) [Atlantic] 1982
14. Satin, Silk & Lace - Your Love [Prelude] 1986
15. Steve Shelto - Don't Give Your Love Away (instrumental) [SAM Records] 1983
16. Roshelle Fleming - Love Itch [Prelude] 1985
17. Shirley Murdoc - Truth Or Dare (Instrumental) [Elektra] 1986
18. Kleeer - You've got Me Rockin' [Atlantic] 1985